Apply To Speak

If you’re thinking of sharing an idea with us, here’s some information that might help.

What we look for

It’s important to us that everyone featured on the TEDxGöteborg stage has that magical combination of a fascinating idea and the ability to share it in an engaging and relatable way. Our preference is to showcase Gothenburgers, or applicants from the Västra Götaland region. Some key traits we look for are:

Originality: We're seeking out-of-the-box and distinctive ideas that are uniquely yours. We're unlikely to feature speakers who specialize in motivational speaking, confidence coaching, business advising, or individuals who have recently presented similar TEDx talks elsewhere.

Diversity: We actively strive for diversity in ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, age, disability, education, and background. We take pride in promoting non-traditional voices and experts that are underrepresented or marginalized in our society.

Creativity: We're in search of speakers who can present their ideas in a one-of-a-kind and engaging manner. We would love for you to share your ideas through your own personal experiences, perspectives, and expertise.

Credibility: We require speakers who are fully committed to their ideas and knowledgeable about their topic. You don't necessarily need a PhD, be a published author, or a world-renowned public figure. However, we do expect that you have spent time developing, researching, and validating your ideas through work, research, or lived experience.

Successful speakers come in various forms, ranging from innate talent to extensive experience. Therefore, if you don't fit the mold of a conventional public speaker, don't be discouraged from applying! We're constantly on the lookout for that exceptional individual who may be considered a "diamond in the rough"!

What you get

Our speakers are driven by personal motivations to collaborate with us, and we are passionate about helping them achieve their goals and providing a remarkable experience. Our team is dedicated to:

Providing mentorship and guidance throughout your TEDxGöteborg journey. Our experienced speaker team is available to help you prepare for the event and ensure an outstanding experience. You will receive personalized coaching from Vanya Eide, our Head Speaker Coach and Curator, and gain invaluable public speaking skills.

Delivering high-quality communications and exposure. This is an opportunity to share your ideas with Gothenburg and the world. We will assist you with filming and editing your talk to broadcast quality and promote it across our community, online networks, and press contacts. We will champion and amplify your idea through our pre- and post-event communications.

Bringing together a dynamic and diverse audience and networking opportunities. Our events are highly sought-after, often selling out quickly, and we continue to expand our global audience. We aim to introduce your idea to new audiences around the world.

What you give

As a speaker at TEDxGöteborg, you play a crucial role in our collective achievement. We recognize that committing to speak is a significant responsibility, and we have certain important expectations for all our speakers. These include:

Dedication: Speaking at a TEDx event is an unparalleled experience. Regardless of your level of expertise, we require that all speakers fully engage with our coaching and rehearsal process. You will work closely with our speaker team, who will customize the coaching process to suit your individual needs, experience, and schedule.

Time: We typically ask speakers to have a minimum of three meetings (either in-person or remote) with our speaker team to develop their talk. In addition to the event day, we also require that all speakers attend one informal rehearsal and one formal dress rehearsal. If you need more time for preparation or rehearsal, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

Passion: Crafting a powerful and compelling talk requires effort and dedication. Your enthusiasm, positivity, and willingness to collaborate throughout the process are essential. While we will support you every step of the way, you must have the drive and determination to succeed.

And finally...

Before applying, please familiarize yourself with 'What is a TEDx Talk?' or download our TEDx Speaker Guide.

We can't wait to see your idea... whether you prefer typing it up, sharing via video, or better yet, on-stage at our 2024 Open Audition!