For those of you with inquiring minds, here are a few more things to know about us!

How are speakers selected to be part of each year’s program?
We begin by choosing a theme, then we select topics that support the exploration of that theme. We’ll review hundreds of potential candidates in order to select the 8-12 speakers for our program. The most important factor is whether they have an Idea Worth Spreading to share with attendees. If you have an amazing idea, or know someone who does, please enquire here.

What do you pay speakers?
TEDxGöteborg does not pay speakers. Our speakers stay for the whole conference, soaking up the talks and connecting with other attendees. Benefits include pre-conference coaching and training, special events for networking, and a web archive of the full conference. We are committed to creating an experience that's tremendously fulfilling and beneficial on all sides.

Is there a deadline for suggesting a speaker?
We accept nominations all the time. It's best to get your suggestions to us as early as possible, so we can research them carefully and make the best decision on the speaker roster.

I want to speak at TEDxGöteborg, but my usual talk runs 30+ minutes. Can I get a longer slot?
We strictly enforce the clock for all speakers. TEDxGöteborg is the place to condense your ideas into a compelling 18-minute talk that communicates your best ideas. We've found that a carefully prepared presentation of this length can have astonishing impact.

Do you have keynotes or panels?
At TEDxGöteborg Main Events, we welcome our audience for all presentations, without separate breakout sessions or keynotes. Panel discussions are often used at our Salon Events.

What is the difference between a TEDx Main Event and Salon Event?
Our Main Event occurs annually, in a half-day format, featuring live speakers (in the TED Talk style) ranging from your next-door neighbor to world-famous scientists, performances, networking sessions, streamed TED talks, and meetings with our partners. Main Event ticket sales partially cover our expenses. Salon Events are held 3-4 times per year, in an after-work setting, and host a dynamic group of panelists and moderator who tackle the most pressing issues of the day. Salon events are free for anyone to join, with registration required, and lively audience interaction a must!

Where does the rest of the money come from to put on your event?
We have generous partners who contribute money, venues, goods and/or services to support our annual program of events.

Are partners who support the organization allowed to be on stage?
Per TED rules, partners are not allowed to be on stage, and may not influence the program’s content.

Are there topics that you don’t allow on the TEDxGöteborg stage?
We don’t feature topics which advocate political or religious agendas, nor do we allow hate speech.

Is TEDxGöteborg really an all-volunteer organization?
We are indeed, as it’s a TED rule. Everyone listed on the TEDxGöteborg Team page is a volunteer. TEDxGöteborg also operates as a not-for-profit corporation.

So how can I apply to become a TEDxGöteborg team member?
We'd love to hear from you, so please apply here.

So how can I become a TEDxGöteborg partner?
We're always seeking to grow our partnership base across the community. If you'd like to discuss options, please enquire here.