Inviting you to

Facing Forward: Addressing Segregation

and Youth Impact in Sweden

Join us on Tuesday May 28th for an eye-opening TEDxGöteborg Salon event that will delve deep into the heart of societal issues facing our nation.

Sweden, celebrated for its rich culture and high quality of life, faces challenges with societal segregation that affect its cities and suburbs alike.

While it’s true that segregation and poverty are hot topics in the media today, what is really happening in our neighbourhoods?

Ever wondered who are the role models for young people facing challenges like language barriers, economic inequality, and homelessness? What motivates them, and who is listening?

At our event, we'll bring together three inspiring individuals who’ll share their authentic insider experiences, shed light on the realities, and present initiatives that are making a difference, with actionable steps we can all take towards a more inclusive future: opening a solution-oriented dialogue.
Don't miss this opportunity to engage in a passionate discussion about creating a unified society.

Due to overwhelming interest, our event is currently SOLD OUT. Please click the button if you wish to register for our waiting list.


Jacy’z Hotel & Resort
Big Stage
Drakegatan 10
412 50 Göteborg

Nearest bus stop: Göteborg Ullevi Norra 60 & Gårdatorget 753
Nearest tram stop: Göteborg Ullevi Norra 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & Göteborg Ullevi Södra 2, 4, 5, 6, 7


Tuesday May 28th 2024
17.30 - Doors open
18.00 - Event begins
20.00 - Event ends, AfterTED mingle begins
21.00 - AfterTED ends